give a boost, get a boost

February 18th, 2010 enables people to reach out for almost any type of assistance via a real time location-aware messaging system. Volunteers who are qualified to help and who are close enough at the time of the request to lend a hand are given the opportunity to assist. Connections are made and valuable aid is received that would not be possible without boostintime.

In addition to the value of delivering practical help to people in need, we want to tap into the neighborly sensibility that lies unfulfilled in many of us, and thereby render an even greater value to those who would be the givers of aid and service.


city bridge lights

If little acts of kindness spur others to join and give back the net effect will be a greater sense of community.

Too often we pass people in elevators and streets with little or no exchange. One of the objectives of this idea is to help people get to know neighbors they would otherwise not connect with. The system will help break the ice.

This is my first blog post ever. Apparently I’m compelled to work on implementing boostintime. So today marks the launch of what will hopefully be a fruitful discussion about and implementation of a global communications platform that will support the boostintime real time volunteer network. In the coming days I’ll elaborate on some of the features and plans we have for the service, such as how we will utilize existing social media systems to distribute the boostintime volunteer opportunities.

We’ll be open to evolving our implementation according to user suggestions and feedback. So get ready to make your first contributions in that way.